Call for Abstracts - Poster Session - LAST CHANCE!

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Will you present digitally in the main poster session rooms, or will you provide a paper poster to hang in the tracks in the hallways?

2017 Linguistic Institute - LAST MINUTE Call for Abstracts from Institute and workshop/conference attendees, only!

Deadline for receipt of abstracts: NOON on Friday

July 7 - Constraint Based Grammar, Minimalism, Philosophy of Language, Semantics/Pragmatics, Syntax, Morphology, Typology, and the Languages of 'The Seven'

July 14 - Areal, Contact, Creolistics, Emergent Morphology, Language Origins, and Sign Language

July 21 - Discourse Analysis, Historical/Change, Language Ideologies, Linguistic Anthropology, Linguistic Landscapes, Variation, Dialectology, Corpus, Historical, Sociolinguistics

July 28 - Acquisition, Bilingualism, Experimental, Forensics, Lexicography, Neurolinguistics, Phonetics, Phonology, Psycholinguistics/Cognition, Statistical

Abstracts will only be accepted through the Institute’s website. Click to submit an abstract.

Late abstracts will not be considered for any reason. Contact or 859.257.4964 for assistance.

The Institute Committee requires that the matter presented in the poster abstracts be coherent and conform to the format of the field. At the Institute, there will be four poster sessions on Sundays, from 4-6 pm. These sessions will be thematic, therefore it is important that your title reflect clearly into which subfield your poster belongs. Each abstract will be reviewed by members of the Institute Committee and by expert external reviewers. The Committee will determine the groupings of posters based upon the category you choose in the submission form, as well as further categorization based upon the abstract title and contents.

NB Digital posters will be displayed in landscape orientation and may be interactive (e.g., with data sets). Print posters may be either landscape or portrait orientation and will mount into existing tracks in the venue (no need for mounting board or a stand).


  1. Abstracts for posters must be submitted electronically by NOON on the Friday before the relevant Sunday Session to this link:
  2. Any participant or instructor at the 2017 Institute OR scholar visiting for a workshop or conference may submit ONE single-author or collaborative abstract.
  3. Authors are expected to present their own posters and must be present at the Sunday poster session to which they are assigned. If the work is collaborative, at least one author of the collaboration must be present.
  4. After the abstract has been submitted, no changes will be allowed to the abstract, other than correcting typographic errors.
  5. Posters must represent the same research (or developments of the same) as is presented in the abstract.
  6. Authors should not submit abstracts for research that has already been presented at other major Linguistic conferences or has been published.
  7. Authors may not submit the same abstract for the Sunday poster sessions and for a workshop/conference poster session that is taking place during the 2017 Linguistic Institute. Conference/workshop posters may/will remain up for the Sunday poster sessions.

Abstract Format Guidelines:

  1. Abstracts must be submitted in .pdf format.
  2. Abstracts must have fewer than 400 words of narrative text. Titles, examples, trees, tables, figures, captions, and references do not count toward this 400-word limit.
  3. The title should appear at the top of the page.
  4. Abstracts must fit on one 8.5” X 11” page, with margins no smaller than .5” and font no smaller than 10 point. This means that EVERYTHING must fit onto this one page, including graphs, references, etc.
  5. Your name(s) should not appear on the abstract and the abstract submission will be rejected if it does. Additionally, you must anonymize your .pdf document by clicking on “File,” then “Properties,” removing your name if it appears in the “Author” line, and resaving the document before uploading it.
  6. Abstracts that deviate from the format guidelines will not be considered.

Abstract Advice:

The Linguistic Society of America website has some excellent abstract models. Modeling your abstract after one of these will lower the chances of having your abstract rejected by the Committee. A suggested outline for abstracts is as follows (adapted from the LSA website):

  1. Choose your title carefully, ensuring that the audience/review committee can glean what your topic is. Your title influences how your poster will be grouped with others. There should be a clear relationship between your title and the research/content you present in your abstract.
  2. State the problem or research question.
  3. Contextualize the problem/research question in relation to prior scholarship.
  4. State the main point or argument of your proposed poster.
  5. Cite sufficient data and explain how they support the point/argument.
  6. Gloss all examples.
  7. Explain all abbreviations at their first occurrence.
  8. If your research is experiment-based and your results are not yet complete, report what you have in sufficient detail so your abstract may be evaluated. Discuss the experimental design and the specific hypothesis being tested.
  9. Be specific in your analysis. Offer details.
  10. Indicate the contribution your analysis will make to the field.
  11. A reference list is not necessary, but citing your sources within the abstract is. Any and all references must fit onto the one page, along with the abstract narrative, and do not count toward the 400-word limit.
*Your submission must be anonymous in order to be considered. Please ensure that you have NOT included your name on the abstract/file or it WILL be rejected.*
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.