LSA 2017

The 2017 Linguistic Institute will be held July 5th to August 1st, 2017 at the University of Kentucky.

Registration for the LSA Institute will be live in December, 2016.

We are providing two registration windows and the tuition costs. Timeframes for these windows are listed below:

  • Early Bird Registration: $1,990 (ends March 1, 2017)-STD Eastern Time Zone
  • Standard Registration: $2,300 (March 2, 2017-June 15, 2017)-STD Eastern Time Zone

NOTE: All registrants have until June 20, 2017 (STD Eastern Time) to cancel registration with a full refund of your tuition and other costs. If you cancel your registration after June 20, 2017 the LSA Institute will keep 3% of your registration fees for administrative purposes.

Prices above are subject to change before the live registration.

For any questions prior to the registration windows opening, you can email  More information about additional costs will be provided additionally later this fall.

Named Professors

  • Collitz Professor: Joan Bybee (University of New Mexico)
  • Sapir Professor: Penelope Eckert (Stanford University)
  • Hale Professor: Lenore Grenoble (University of Chicago)
  • Fillmore Professor: Julia Hirschberg (Columbia University)

Forum Lectures

  • David Adger, Queen Mary University of London
  • Michel DeGraff, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Robin Queen, University of Michigan