Language and Education

Course time: 
Tuesday/Friday 3:30-5:20 PM

Language and Education will use sociolinguistic and multicultural education lenses to examine and increase the impact of linguistics on educational theory and practice. The course will have an emphasis on both Pre-K-12 and higher education and the scholarship of teaching and learning within linguistics.

July 7th: What is linguistics? What is education? What is multicultural education?

July 11th: What do linguists need to know about education?

July 14th: What do educators need to know about linguistics?

July 18th: The language of learning: A focus on linguistics in Pre-K-12 education

July 21st: The scholarship of teaching and learning in linguistics: A focus on linguistics in higher education

July 25th: What each linguist can do: Examples of linguists who have impacted education in schools and communities

July 28th: Final presentations due in class.

August 1st: Conclusion, party, and future goals

Readings: TBD

Due July 28th: Your final presentation and paper will be a cumulative approach to designing a particular lesson, activity, workshop, or awareness campaign that concerns some particular aspect of linguistic education that is applicable in in a particular educational context. You may do the paper or product as an individual, but in the true spirit of inclusion and the multicultural education movement, I encourage you to work in groups that include both students in the course and educators and students in your school setting.