Workshops & Conferences

Data Management Plans for Linguistic Research

Organizers: Susan Smythe Kung, Archive Manager of the Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America, UT-Austin

Andrea Berez-Kroeker, Director of Kaipuleohone Language Archive and Associate Professor of Linguistics, University of Hawaiʻi

Lauren Collister, Scholarly Communications Librarian, University of Pittsburgh

                                                     Day 1


                                                     Day 2 

The rising tide of data management and sharing requirements from funding agencies, publishers, and institutions has created a new set of pressures for researchers who are already stretched for time and funds. While it can feel like yet another set of painful hurdles, in reality, the process of creating a Data Management Plan (DMP) can be a surprisingly useful exercise, especially when done early in a project’s lifecycle.

Symposium: Linguistics in the Public Sphere: An Advocacy Workshop

Organizers: Alyson Reed- LSA Executive Director

Bill Ladusaw- former Dean of Humanities at UC Santa Cruz, long-time advocate for linguistics in the public sphere.

The intersection between linguistics and public policy is manifold. There are at least three corners of the intersection: 1) government funding for linguistics research; 2) public policies that are informed by (or should be) the findings of linguistics research; 3) public policies that affect the context in which linguistics operates as a discipline.