Course time: 
Tuesday/Friday 9:00-10:50 AM

Lexicography is a field of linguistics which is highly relevant for every language learner. Looking up the spelling, meaning or translation of words are activities with which each student is familiar, either for one’s first or second language(s).
The course “Lexicography” aims to make aware of theoretical and practical processes surrounding dictionaries. Central topics include, on the one hand, the types of dictionaries and their structure, the information we can find in dictionaries and the compilation process. On the other hand, it is vital to discuss how dictionaries have changed in recent years. With the advent of computers, not only lexicographers but also users have manifold resources, e.g. online dictionaries or search engines for looking up words or phrases. The digital era has changed the way we make use of lexicographic products, accelerated still by their availability through smartphones. Consequently, this course also includes issues of corpus linguistics, the web and the change of user behavior. In doing that, it should give participants a thorough understanding of current questions and concepts in lexicography.